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The Private Suite whisks guests across the tarmac via a BMW.
The suite’s luxurious bathroom.

Flight of Fancy

by slh

Elite tarmac-ready service at LAX

No couple on their honeymoon wants to wait for hours in the airport—unless it’s in The Private Suite, a novel luxury concept guaranteeing LAX flyers a five-star journey from the get-go. Members and guests pay per flight to bypass check-in and security and go straight to their very own suite—with bathroom, fully stocked pantry, day bed, TV and prime runway views. There, travelers can be screened by TSA in comfort, enjoy preordered food from Wally’s Beverly Hills, melt into a massage, pack a complimentary new carry-on suitcase from Rimowa with gratis amenities (new earbuds, neck pillows, travel-size wellness products), sip bubbly and request detailing for their parked cars while they’re in paradise. The Private Suite will even deck out the space with a couple’s wedding arrangements, framed photos and personalized name pillows. From $2,700 for members (up to three persons), in addition to a $4,500 annual membership; from $3,500 for non-members (up to three persons); theprivatesuite.com.