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Wheel Deal

by slh

From glamping grounds to backyards, vintage camper trailers have undeniable appeal.

And as Meg and Chris Blancato can attest, they’re surprisingly adaptable to a range of uses, too. Chris, a woodworker who specializes in furniture under The Bearded Bowtie brand, painstakingly transformed a run-down 1956 Rainbow Canned Ham trailer he bought in Palm Springs into B.O.W. (Bar On Wheels), a hospitality caravan the San Diego couple tows to special events in Southern California. B.O.W. is most often used to serve drinks, but “you can make it whatever you want,” Meg says. (Think dessert and cheese cart, or photo backdrop.) “It’s fun to see what people come up with.” From $500, plus travel fees. THEBEARDEDBOWTIE.COM 

Written by Schuyler Bailey and Jessica Ritz.
PHOTO: John Newsome.