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COUTURE CAKES (from left) Lemon in the Coconut, Honey Bee, Strawberry Lane and Flourless Flower Cake. From $80-$278. PHOTO: Courtesy of Hotel Bel-Air.

Sweet Talk

by slh

For the bride who dreams of a designer wedding dress, now there’s a dessert to match.

Hotel Bel-Air pastry chef Jen Shen has dreamed up a Couture Cakes program, showcasing her artistic talent across an array of floral-driven confections. “Hotel Bel-Air is an oasis in the middle of Los Angeles, with full soaring trees, lush foliage and scented blooms,” says Shen of the inspiration behind her custom desserts. “These new cakes reflect the property’s look and feel.” Ranging from 4 inches to 10 inches in size, the cakes can be ordered for weddings held at the hotel and off-site. 701 Stone Canyon Rd., L.A., 310-472-1211. DORCHESTERCOLLECTION.COM.

Written and edited by LESLEY McKENZIE.