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SAINTE G. CAKE COMPANY’s three-tiered fondant-covered cake set with geodes and designed to highlight the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. PHOTO: Corbin Gurkin.

Sugar Rush

by slh

Before launching Sainte G. Cake Company,

Krista Juracek was whipping up gateaux in Paris for her first company, Sugarplum Cake Shop. Following her husband to San Francisco in 2015, she brought her talent for custom desserts to the Left Coast. Now based in Portland, the confectioner still caters to a steady stream of Bay Area brides who seek out the artist for her high-concept, hand‑painted cakes in an array of motifs, including her signature crystal-bedecked geode offering (metallics and watercolors are also oft-requested themes as of late, she says). “Clients who are drawn to Sainte G. are modern, busy, design-oriented couples,” says Juracek, adding, “Cake decorating is just an extension of my lifelong love of creating art.” sainteg.com. •

Written and edited by Lesley McKenzie.