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lady & larder wedding centerpiece board, from $150.

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by slh

Lady & Larder Transforms the Dinner Centerpiece

Sarah Hendrix, a private chef based in Los Angeles, has a genius idea for wedding dinner centerpieces: sumptuous cheese boards, custom created to fit the size of the table and the appetites of the couple. As visual as a bouquet, the Lady & Larder boards are paved with artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, fruit, olives, nuts and flowers, all made or grown in the U.S. The company—which Hendrix co-founded with her siblings, Matthew and Boo Simms—delivers for all occasions (fans include Mandy Moore and Cindy Crawford), and the trio is scheduled to open a shop in West L.A. in August. ladyandlarder.com.

Photography by BRAEDON FLYNN.