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by slh

Foraging florist Inessa Nichols shares her forecast for fall

A lush, tropical bridal bouquet by Inessa Nichols Design. Photography by JENNIFER SOSA.

What centerpiece trends are you anticipating for autumn weddings?

There’s going to be a lot of color variation—no more sticking to the color story of fall. You can still use what’s in season, but go with a totally different palette. I’m looking forward to playing around with more bright tones, like Kelly green.

Any unexpected blooms you’ll be incorporating into your arrangements?

Dahlias. They’re absolutely amazing, and there are so many different varieties. Different proteas, which have a lot of texture and can be combined with both superromantic blush blooms or modern graphic leaves. I love zinnias, which start in late summer. Also, carnations are making a contemporary comeback.

You love to forage for flora. Tell us what you hope to find in the fall.

Any kind of eucalyptus leaves, as there’s an abundance in California. Also, tropical greenery, like bird-of-paradise and banana leaves. It’s a forward-moving trend everywhere, but with florals you have to weave it in with romantic-elegant designs. INESSANICHOLSDESIGN.COM.



This article originally appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of C Weddings.