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The WEDDING PLANNER MASTERCLASS winter ceremony shoot featured ice candles and cozy scarves.
LAURIE ARONS puts the finishing touch on the table setting.
Ashley Capra of Paula LeDUc Fine Catering created oatmeal spelt cookies with marshmallow-caramel cream during her catering session.

Experts only

by slh

“When I first started my business 22 years ago, wedding planners weren’t that common,”

says San Francisco-based veteran Laurie Arons. Now, with an overabundance of self-proclaimed experts in the field, Arons says the best are able to do more than design—they “appreciate the whole process,” including the logistical and financial aspects. This past spring, Arons hosted a four-day, intensive Wedding Planner Masterclass to share her expertise. Guest speakers included photographer Jose Villa, florist Sarah Winward, graphic designer Amber Moon and filmmaker/photographer Joel Serrato. Arons’ overriding message is equally apt for brides and grooms: “Think about the strongest attributes of your site, as well as the ease and flow of the event, to design a wedding that feels effortless and natural.” lauriearons.com.

PHOTOS: Jose Villa.